Vaccicheck - “The AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines: 2017 Updates and Insights.”

19/12/2017 - Vaccicheck


Professor Richard Ford, Lead Editor of the American Animal Hospital Association Canine Vaccination Guidelines last week delivered the following  lecture at the VMX (NAVC) in Orlando, USA 

“The AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines: 2017 Updates and Insights.”

From his lecture, some very important and powerful statements from Professor Ford were as follows:

1.       “Vaccination does not equal immunization. If you stop vaccination at 12 weeks, the puppy is NOT immunized. Up to 15% of dogs at 16 weeks of puppies are not immunized because of lingering maternal antibodies; this is the reality.”

This means that due to the high percentage of puppies without adequate protection, every puppy should be tested with VacciCheck to confirm core vaccine protection.


2.       “When Professor Ford carried out a survey of 2,000 vets who titer test – One of the questions they were asked -What is the most likely reason you would perform vaccine serology testing in your practice?

The Answer was:

Out of 2000 veterinarians polled, 98%, of the vets stated that owner requests is the reason why they performed vaccine titer testing.”