Your update on Biogal’s latest breakthroughs in Veterinary Diagnostics

26/02/2018 - Publicações

Dr Jean Dodds was one of the pioneers to introduce the use of serology testing to confirm core puppy and kitten vaccinations and  the use of serology testing to avoid adult dog/cat over vaccination.
This week Dr. Dodds gave a lecture this week to Israeli vets where she discussed the recent changes in the AAHA and WSAVA vaccination guidelines in specific reference to the use of serology testing.
 Some Key Points Dr Dodds mentioned during her lecture:
“When recommending a vaccine titer test vs giving a booster vaccination, the cost to the pet owner client in the USA is about $50 vs $20, respectively , so the clinic revenue increases -- while the pet avoids the potential of an adverse vaccine reaction when a booster is not needed. 
If you believe in and present this benefit sincerely , clients will agree and do what’s best for their pets.”
“Please remember that published studies in refereed journals show that 90-98% of dogs and cats that have been properly vaccinated for the core vaccines, develop good measurable antibody titers to the infectious agent measured.”